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Jerry Brown to new Caltrans leader: Spend money ASAP

In case you missed it:

Gov. Jerry Brown gave clear orders to the new Caltrans director.

After the Board of Equalization rejected a 4-cent increase in fuel taxes, the governor needs to find $617 million.

Brown also wants $100 million to finish up several sprawling technology projects.

"Less than a drop in the bucket" or a historic payment? The first stem cell royalty check finally made its way to the state.

From the opinion pages:

California's mental health agencies have billions of unspent money. It's time to shut up and spend it wisely, The Bee Editorial Board writes.

The governor's race is not just Newsom about Villaraigosa - it's about Los Angeles and San Francisco, writes Joe Mathews with Zócalo Public Square.

U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman has an unconventional proposal to protect northern California's public lands, writes Jane Braxton Little, a freelance writer from Plumas County.