The State Worker Newsletter

Three Californias fight; pension law plea from Brown; pig-thumping debated

In case you missed it:

Mercy for Animals, a watchdog advocacy group, released footage of possible pig abuse at a Kentucky farm selling pork in California. It has something to do with the November ballot.

Mark Meuser, the Republican challenging Alex Padilla for secretary of state, is going to extraordinary lengths to get his message to voters. He’s biking 5,000 miles across the state, including Death Valley.

Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom says he “has to” talk about abortion in the governor’s race.

Gov. Jerry Brown is urging the Supreme Court to hurry up to hear his pension law case.

From the opinion pages:

Joshua Wood, CEO of Sacramento Region Business Association and Bob Ward, business manager of IBEW Local 340, argue rent control won’t fix the state’s housing crisis.

State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Los Angeles, and Nathan Gardels, a senior adviser to the Berggruen Institute, say direct democracy in California needs some more tweaks.

The Bee’s Editorial Board believes the state Supreme Court can and should remove the “Three Californias” measure from the November ballot.