The State Worker Newsletter

If you snooze, you... remain on the job?

In case you missed it:

Reports of sexual misconduct are spiking in California prisons.

A California DMV worker slept on the job for three years, according to an audit released on Tuesday.

Gov. Jerry Brown wrote a letter Tuesday, urging lawmakers to lower PG&E’s liability for wildfire damages.

From the opinion pages:

The Bee’s Editorial Board argues the case of Mikel Laney McIntyre demonstrates why people should support changes to policing practices.

The Ed Board also thinks anti-vaccination doctors are granting bogus vaccine exemptions.

Michelle Pariset, a policy advocate with Public Advocates and a board member of Organize Sacramento, and Fabrizio Sasso, executive director of the Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, believe Sacramento deserves better solutions to the renter housing crisis than giving our tax dollars over to market-rate landlords.

As California works to address wildfire issues, state Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa, says residents and victims must be prioritized over utilities.

According to Lea Labaki, junior researcher and advocate on disability rights with Human Rights Watch, migrant kids are being traumatized, but not treated for mental health needs.