Leading Off: Fans hope to sound like a broken record

We can blame Seattle Seahawks fans for setting the Guinness World Record for loudest outdoor stadium roar earlier this NFL season, and then Kansas City Chiefs fans for breaking it a few weeks later.

Now the Kings and their fans are jumping into the “our arena’s louder than your arena” tug-o-war.

With the Kings playing the Detroit Pistons tonight in their only nationally televised game (other than NBA TV) on ESPNthis season, the team will have three attempts to break the 2008 record for loudest indoor arena set at the Bradley Center during a Bucks-Clippers game.

The target is 106.6 decibles, which doesn’t seem too tall of a task considering Sleep Train Arena – then called Arco Arena – hit 130 dBA in a win over the Pistons. But back then, the Kings used to help by reportedly piping in some noise through the speakers.

But does a 2-6 team deserve to be recognized as having the loudest fans in the NBA? Most loyal no question, but loudest? It got pretty loud last weekend when fans at Sleep Train Arena booed the Kings for a poor effort against Portland.

The Kings could help fans – who will receive noisemakers and purple ear plugs at the door – by giving them something to cheer about tonight, as they did in Wednesday’s blowout victory over the Brooklyn Nets.

But should they fall short of the record, no worries.

Their team already holds a world record that’s unlikely to ever be broken: Sixty-five consecutive seasons without winning an NBA title.

— Victor Contreras


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