Leading Off: 10 pressing questions in the world of sports

10 pressing questions

in the world of sports

• Friday’s news of a planned soccer facility at Cal Expo with a full-size field is great news for area fans, but will 8,000 people really pack the place to watch minor-league soccer?

• If Sacramento Republic FC fills the place, as owner Warren Smith hopes, will that be enough to lure the deep pockets needed to build a $100 million permanent stadium in hopes of luring an MLS team?

• The Raiders certainly have been struggling, with three losses in their past four games, but are they really one of the three worst teams in the NFL, as some power ratings proclaim?

• Speaking of the Raiders, if they continue to struggle, how soon before they start looking for a quarterback to replace Terrelle Pryor?

• Speaking of quarterbacks, the 49ers’ passing offense is last in the NFL in yards per game (behind even the Raiders), so why isn’t anyone ripping Colin Kaepernick?

• If Kansas City goes into Denver and beats the Broncos on Sunday night to remain unbeaten, will Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith finally get some respect?

• If Smith leads the Chiefs to victory, will we have to listen to more talk that Smith shouldn’t have lost his job to Kaepernick?

• With Jimmie Johnson aiming for his sixth Sprint Cup title since 2006 this weekend, can anyone remember when NASCAR was the hottest sport in the country?

• Even though ESPN proclaimed it so when it aired a doubleheader involving four of the best college basketball teams, should the words “November” and “Madness” ever be used together?

• Marketing such as the Kings’ loudest-crowd effort Friday night can help lure fans, but isn’t winning more games the best way to fill Sleep Train Arena?

Tom Couzens


Will you go to Cal Expo

to watch Sacramento Republic FC games?

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What do you think of the Kings’ attempt at the Guinness world record for loudest indoor roar ?

• Great idea to bring positive light to team: 46%

• Should wait until there’s something to cheer

about: 28%

• I don’t care: 26%

Total votes: 189