Leading Off: Preps aren’t spared from mascot debate

Preps aren’t spared from mascot debate

Mascots are a hotly debated topic across the country, at all levels of play.

Some newspapers won’t use the name Redskins when reporting on the NFL team amid the debate over sensitivity to Native Americans.

North Dakota, a Big Sky Conference opponent of UC Davis and Sacramento State, has no official mascot after being known for decades as the Fighting Sioux. North Dakota residents voted to drop the moniker, and the college must comply or risk NCAA sanctions. Cosumnes River College used Chiefs for more than 30 years before being pressured to switch to Hawks.

On Wednesday, the Vallejo City Unified School District will urge Vallejo High School to drop Apaches as its nickname. It’s not the first time; Encina went from Apaches to Bulldogs in 1990. Sensitivity is a good thing, but pushing for change just for the sake of it isn’t always best.

And, when a change is needed, please make it a good one.

My alma mater, Enterprise High in eastern Oregon, was known for decades as the Savages. In the heart of Nez Perce country, where Chief Joseph is honored, the pressure for change finally won last decade.

But the current mascot , Outlaws, remains coolly received by alumni and fans. We share the belief that it offends outlaws everywhere.

– Joe Davidson

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