Golf: Holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on the golf course’s stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

Oct. 31

• Lisa Giles, 95-yard sixth hole at Timber Creek, 5-hybrid

Nov. 6

• Don Ainsworth, 100-yard fourth hole at Black Oak, 8-iron

Nov. 7

• Robert DeArcos, 160-yard fifth hole at Sierra Pines, 6-iron

• Frank Yustat, 114-yard eighth hole at Indian Creek, 7-iron

Nov. 8

• Dave Dunlap, 189-yard seventh hole at Black Oak, 3-wood

• Jim Hartman, 171-yard second hole at Winchester, 6-iron

Nov. 9

• Rick Miller, 169-yard 12th hole at Empire Ranch, 6-iron

Nov. 12

• Rick Voorhees, 150-yard 16th hole at Rocklin, 6-iron

Nov. 14

• Stacy Simpson, 116-yard 17th hole at Serrano, 8-iron

• Jay Taylor, 142-yard fifth hole at Bartley Cavanaugh, wedge