Kings notes: Outlaw’s ejection is first of his NBA career

Kings forward Travis Outlaw had never been ejected from an NBA game in his career before Saturday afternoon’s 103-102 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center.

Outlaw was was ejected with 8:06 to play in the game for a flagrant foul 2. On the play Outlaw was trying to stop Clippers guard J.J. Redick from making a layup and reached out to grab him and made contact with Redick’s right shoulder near his neck.

Redick landed hard on the floor and his teammates rushed to confront Outlaw and the Kings stepped in to defend Outlaw. But after review, the officials ruled Outlaw’s foul was worthy of an ejection.

“When I reached out I couldn’t stop him from falling,” Outlaw said. “I was trying to but he was too strong and he went on down. It happens I guess.”

Outlaw, however, did not expect to be ejected.

“I was surprised but he fell kind of hard,” Outlaw said. “Then the (Clippers) rushing over there. I think the situation made it more than what it was.”

Kings coach Michael Malone said after the game he had not seen a replay of the foul. But he did not believe Outlaw had any intention of hurting Redick.

“All i know is Travis doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body, he’s not trying to hurt anybody,” Malone said. “He was trying to make sure we didn’t give up a layup. I thought it looked a lot worse than the intent. I asked (official) Sean Corbin and he said they looked at it from every different angle and it was a flagrant 2.”

Naturally Clippers coach Doc Rivers had a different perspective. He didn’t think Outlaw’s intent was wrong, but said the ejection was valid.

“It was the right call,” Rivers said. “I don’t think Outlaw is a dirty player, despite his last name. But it was just that he was trying to stop the play and he got (Redick) around the neck. You have to throw the guy out, but he’s not a dirty player.”

Injured coach -- Kings assistant coach/director of player development Dee Brown injured his knee during Friday’s practice.

The injury is serious enough that it will require surgery this week. Brown, however, still made the trip to Los Angeles.

Streak continues -- Isaiah Thomas scored 22 points off the bench for the Kings. It was the 12th consecutive game he’s done that, extending his Sacramento-era franchise record to start a season.

The old mark was nine games to start a season scoring in double figures by Walt Williams to start the 1992-93 season.