Leading Off: Can Dykes fix wreck that was Cal’s season?

Dykes vows to fix wreck

that was Cal’s season

That horrific sound of crunching metal and shattered glass on Saturday afternoon?

That was Cal’s football season, a crumpled mess in the ditch.

Wasn’t first-year coach Sonny Dykes supposed to be an upgrade from the Jeff Tedford era, which started with great promise last decade before losing steam?

Cal didn’t get better. It sunk to an all-time program low. The 63-13 loss to Stanford marked the biggest blowout in the 116-year history of the Big Game, and it stamped Cal (1-11) with its 10th consecutive loss. Dykes took indirect jabs at the prior regime after the game, saying, “We’re going to recruit better. We’re going to recruit kids that deserve to be at Cal and want to be at Cal. We’re going to learn how to go to class. We’re going to fix our graduation rates. We’re going to graduate.”

As for on the field, coach?

“We’re going to get faster, stronger,” Dykes snarled. “We’re going to improve our diet. We’re going to be more committed to getting sleep, rest and recovery. We’re going to learn how to play on offense and defense.”

In other words, start from scratch. Dykes talks a great game. At least it’s a start. Will his next team listen?

– Joe Davidson

What to do

Men’s college basketball, Sacramento State at UC Davis, 7:05 p.m: The Hornets and Aggies resume their rivalry at the Pavilion.

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What is the biggest problem for Sac State football ?

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