Golf: Holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on the golf course’s stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

Nov. 10

• Patrick Wainwright, 106-yard seventh hole at Bing Maloney Express, wedge

Nov. 12

• Russ Powell, 139-yard third hole at Antelope Greens, 9-iron

Nov. 26

• Mike Aceituno, 164-yard 13th hole at Catta Verdera, 4-hybrid

Nov. 27

• Bob Brodnick, 135-yard 16th hole at DarkHorse, 7-iron

Nov. 29

• Robbie Horan, 133-yard sixth hole at Catta Verdera, driver

• Jack Stiwell, 110-yard ninth hole at Bradshaw, 9-iron

• Dave Ishikawa, 110-yard ninth hole at Bradshaw, wedge

Nov. 30

• Jeff Jope, 169-yard 12th hole at Sierra View, 6-iron

• Martin Wilson, 140-yard sixth hole at North Ridge, 6-iron

• Neil Navarro, 101-yard fifth hole at Antelope Greens, 6-iron

Dec. 1

• Ross Minges, 167-yard 14th hole at Mather, 8-iron

Dec. 2

• Ed Schell, 126-yard 12th hole at Empire Ranch, 7-iron

• Larry Simon, 124-yard 13th hole at Cherry Island, 8-iron

• Gary Blakeman, 150-yard 15th hole at Rancho Murieta (South), 5-iron

Dec. 3

• Anna Pahl, 55-yard 17th hole at Bartley Cavanaugh, 6-iron

• Robert Barton, 138-yard third hole at Diamond Oaks, gap wedge