Leading Off: What a gift Snyder could give the NFL

We think of Dan Snyder today and offer the owner of Washington’s NFL franchise our best Christmas wishes and hope for these gifts to be bestowed upon him:

We wish for him the gift of discernment, so that he may understand why the current name of his team offends Native Americans and all who know that what people are called is a real part of how they are perceived.

Mr. Snyder has said he won’t be told what to do with his property, so we also want him to receive a calendar to help him realize this isn’t the 1850s or 1950s – or even 10 years ago. The country has changed.

Let’s add a dictionary, too, opened to the “R” chapter with the name appended to his team highlighted and the definition underlined. The important part is where it says that, as a description of a Native American, it is dated, offensive and insulting. Not to mention unnecessary.

And finally, for Mr. Snyder, a map with Washington, D.C., circled. Let him note the city is where freedom, liberty, equality and the other precepts we consider foundations of our country are said to reside. A name unarguably offensive to increasing numbers of Americans, beyond those it directly disparages, has less place there than anywhere.

Perhaps in return, Mr. Snyder could change that name, and in doing so give a gift that in its grace would be a near-perfect expression of what many believe Christmas to be.

– Brian Blomster

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Will you watch NBA games on Christmas ?

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