Golf: Holes in one

 Holes in one must be faxed on the golf course's stationery to The Bee at (916) 325-5503.

Dec. 9

• Ray Matsuyama, 120-yard sixth hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 9-iron

Dec. 17

• Bill Kimura, 113-yard fourth hole at Timber Creek, 7-iron

• Dale Hausen, 145-yard fifth hole at Sierra Pines, 6-iron

Dec. 18

• Bryan Gossic, 122-yard fourth hole at Black Oaks, 9-iron

• Glenn Whalen, 167-yard fifth hole at Ancil Hoffman, 6-iron

• Mark Gregson, 186-yard sixth hole at Campus Commons, 5-hybrid

• Rob Leonard, 182-yard ninth hole at Ancil Hoffman, 4-iron

Dec. 19

• Austin Parsons, 164-yard 11th hole at Mather, 7-iron

Dec. 20

• Lonnie Downey, 110-yard 18th hole at Rocklin, 8-iron

• Pat Ray, 175-yard 12th hole at Teal Bend, driver

Dec. 22

• Jesse Garcia, 127-yard fifth hole at Sierra View, 8-iron

Dec. 23

• Larry Bobiles, 184-yard fifth hole at Bing Maloney, driver

• Valerie Lake, 159-yard ninth hole at Campus Commons, driver

Dec. 24

• Dan Williams, 171-yard 16th hole at Rocklin, 5-iron