Leading Off: 10 pressing questions in the world of sports

• If Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl this season, will he go down in history as the best quarterback of the past 25 years? (Come on, 49ers fans, give him his due.)

• Manning makes nearly every list of the 20 best of all time, but is it really possible to compare quarterbacks from vastly different eras?

• For those fortunate enough to watch Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana in person in their primes, can you even consider putting Manning ahead of either of them?

• Steve Young was probably the best quarterback in the NFL during his seven seasons as the 49ers’ starter, but would anyone put him ahead of Montana?

• With Manning playing at Coliseum on Sunday, does it really matter who starts for the Raiders, Terrelle Pryor or Matt McGloin?

• If the Raiders are embarrassed by the Broncos on Sunday, how soon will it be before coach Dennis Allen is fired?

• Forward Rudy Gay has made 44.7 percent of his shots during eight NBA seasons, so why do people seem surprised that he was shooting 45.8 percent for the Kings entering Friday’s game?

• We know Kings guard Ben McLemore is a rookie who has played just 28 NBA games, but shouldn’t there be more concern that he’s making just 38 percent of his field-goal atttempts?

• The Miami Heat is the oldest team in the league with an average age of 30.7, so doesn’t that say something about the importance of experience over youth?

• With the Giants and A’s opening Cactus League play against each other Feb. 26, is it too early to talk seriously about baseball?

– Tom Couzens

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Who is the greatest

NFL quarterback

of the past 25 years?

• Tom Brady

• John Elway

• Brett Favre

• Peyton Manning

• Dan Marino

• Joe Montana

• Other

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Who is the best

player in the NBA?

• Kevin Durant: 13%

• LeBron James: 73%

• Paul George: 1%

• Kevin Love: 5%

• Chris Paul: 4%

• Other: 5%

Total votes: 193