Sacramento-area holes in one


Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

Aug. 2

Mun Park, 159-yard eighth hole at Cordova, 6-iron

Aug. 5

Steve Lake, 133-yard fifth hole at Diamond Oaks, 9-iron

Aug. 12

Mike Dobrin, 145-yard 12th hole at Whitney Oaks, 5-hybrid

Aug. 19

John Tennant, 182-yard seventh hole at Cold Springs, 4-hybrid

Aug. 21

Chris Rury, 116-yard eighth hole at Indian Creek, 8-iron

Aug. 22

Roberta Paul, 130-yard 16th hole at Davis, 6-iron

Aug. 25

Lynn Poole, 183-yard 17th hole at Catta Verdera, 4-hybrid

Boyd Robertson, 126-yard third hole at Diamond Oaks, 9-iron

Aug. 26

Bob Buntjer, 156-yard 16th hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 6-iron

Dick Knox, 125-yard 11th hole at Lincoln Hills (Orchard), 5-iron

Frank Levings, 101-yard fifth hole at Antelope Greens, gap wedge

Aug. 27

Bob Porter, 116-yard fifth hole at Diamond Oaks, 9-iron

John Cochran, 143-yard seventh hole at Wild Wings, 6-iron

Aug. 28

Josh Williams, 156-yard 14th hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 7-iron

Ken Findley, 118-yard 12th hole at Diamond Oaks, gap wedge

Aug. 29

Greg Neiswender, 82-yard fourth hole at Antelope Greens, sand wedge

Aug. 30

Eric D'Amico, 103-yard sixth hole at Indian Creek, gap wedge

Bonny Barts, 130-yard seventh hole at Rancho Murieta (South), 6-iron

Aug. 31

Ron Chiles, 150-yard seventh hole at Land Park, 5-hybrid

Grace Smith, 65-yard fourth hole at Bing Maloney Executive 9, gap wedge

Sept. 1

Richard Allison, 121-yard 16th hole at Timber Creek, 9-iron

Vince De la Fuente, 165-yard seventh hole at Mather, 4-hybrid

Sept. 2

Guy Goodwin, 149-yard 17th hole at Serrano, 8-iron

Frank Chan, 115-yard 12th hole at Bartley Cavanaugh, 9-iron

Sept. 3

Mike Camy, 152-yard 16th hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 4-hybrid

Alvaro Estrada, 88-yard third hole at Bing Maloney, sand wedge

Sept. 4

Jack Crawford, 174-yard 10th hole at Rancho Murieta (South), 3-hybrid

Roger Brown, 153-yard 12th hole at Wild Wings, 8-iron

Terry Gardner, 82-yard fourth hole at Antelope Greens, sand wedge

Barbara Wright, 90-yard first hole at Antelope Greens, 7-wood

Sept. 5

Joey Parker, 128-yard 16th hole at Antelope Greens, 8-iron

Sept. 6

Arlene Okino, 65-yard ninth hole at Bing Maloney Executive, 8-iron

Paul Lacoste, 77-yard fourth hole at Antelope Greens, pitching wedge

Alan Elsey, 146-yard seventh hole at Lincoln Hills (Hills), 8-iron

Sept. 7

Mike Reuber, 174-yard 16th hole at DarkHorse, 7-iron