World Series sights and sounds: For these fans, work waits when Giants are pursuing crown

Though tailgaters dressed in royal blue Royals apparel started taking over the Kauffman Stadium parking lot about five hours before Game 6 Tuesday, longtime Giants fans John and Joanne Chasey of San Jose arrived early and landed a choice spot close to the gate entrance.

While John Chasey staked out the players’ entrance, hoping for autographs, his wife remained in the rental car, with three Giants flags whipping in the breeze, chatting about her favorite baseball team.

“We go to all the (World Series) games,” said Joanne, a Sacramento-area native who has worked for Mary Kay Cosmetics for 31 years. “We were there in 2010 and 2012, too. I just tell people (customers) that if they want something from me, they have to wait. My husband is in real estate, and he tells people the same thing. We don’t miss the games.”

Her list of current favorites are the Giants whose names start with the letter “P.”

“Hunter Pence, (Buster) Posey, Panda (Pablo Sandoval) and (Joe) Panik,” she said, “but I love them all. My all-time favorite is Barry Bonds. I know he has received bad press through the years, but he was always very good to us.”

What pressure?

The Giants were loose as the first pitch approached.

During stretching exercises, Sandoval, who seldom takes these sessions seriously, spoke loudly in Spanish as he hopped from one leg to another and only casually extended his arms. At one point, the ebullient third baseman looked at one of the organization’s minor-league trainers and pleaded jokingly, “Give me a kiss, just a little one!”

A matter of taste

Pam Baer, wife of Giants President and CEO Larry Baer, apparently isn’t enamored of the local menu.

“It’s nice to be back to crab cakes and our own vegetable garden,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday when asked her thoughts of Midwestern cuisine. “Too much barbecue.”

The Kansas City (Mo.) Star reprinted the remarks Tuesday under the heading “Out of Left Field” and suggested Pam Baer was part of the “persnickety social set in San Francisco.”

Regardless of who prevails in the debate, the barbecue aroma is inescapable. You get a strong whiff of the stuff the minute you get off the plane.

Et cetera

▪ In the three games at AT&T Park, the national anthem was performed by Huey Lewis, Carlos Santana and the lead singer of the band Staind, who later apologized for botching the words. The Royals came back Tuesday with a lovely rendition by the Kansas City Symphony.

▪ The Giants chartered three planes from San Francisco for members of the organization and their families. Vice president Staci Slaughter put the number at 600, with the last flight arriving late Tuesday afternoon. “It’s a really good opportunity for everyone in the organization to bond,” Slaughter said, “and it never gets old.”

Ailene Voisin