San Francisco Giants

Giants’ Sanchez (concussion) suffers setback via another foul tip to the head

SAN FRANCISCO -- Catcher Hector Sanchez had to come out of his rehab game with Triple-A Fresno last night after taking another foul tip off the mask -- the same scenario that landed him on the concussion DL on July 26 in the first place. It’s a setback in his recovery, and manager Bruce Bochy said Sanchez was due to return to San Francisco today to be evaluated again by team doctors.

"We are concerned," Bochy said. "He took a good one yesterday, I saw it. And so I think it’s going to be a while for him."

Bochy said it hasn’t reached a point where the Giants feel they should shut Sanchez down for the season and give him an extended period to recover. But he admitted the frequency with which Sanchez has taken these foul tips to the head has been "unbelievable."

"This is really something like I’ve never seen," Bochy said. "It was joked about how much he was a target back there, but he’s taken it to another level now."

It sounds as though Saturday’s incident was particularly jarring. Bochy said Sanchez was dizzy and dry-heaving afterward. He reiterated there’s not much more Sanchez can do to protect himself from more blows to the head -- it’s just bad luck.

"Those things are usually one every two or three weeks, but he’s getting one or two a game," Bochy said. "And it’s a shame because he’s a young kid, you’re trying to get him back to playing shape, and this is another setback for him."

The Giants’ other concussed player, first baseman Brandon Belt, is still scheduled to see concussion specialist Dr. Michael Collins in Pittsburgh next week while the Giants are in Chicago. Bochy said Belt’s appointment is for Tuesday.

It’s rookie Andrew Susac behind the plate for the Giants today, catching Tim Lincecum. The Giants’ full lineup behind Lincecum:

CF Pagan

RF Pence

1B Posey

3B Sandoval

LF Morse

2B Panik

C Susac

SS Crawford

P Lincecum

And the Phillies’ lineup against Lincecum:

CF Revere

SS Rollins

2B Utley

1B Howard

RF Byrd

LF Sizemore

C Ruiz

3B Asche

P Buchanan

* The Giants had a surprise visitor in the clubhouse this morning -- Bryan Stow, the fan who was beaten outside Dodger Stadium following a Giants-Dodgers game in 2011 and suffered brain injuries. Stow, in a wheelchair, was being guided around the clubhouse by third-base coach Tim Flannery, who has performed multiple concerts to benefit Stow and his family.

Stow, also accompanied by his son, was wide-eyed as he met Giants players and coaches, shaking hands and chatting. He was introduced to pitching coach Dave Righetti and said: "No way!"

"It’s awesome," Bochy said. "I know all those players have to be excited to see him and have him here in the ballpark and the clubhouse, with all he’s been through, all his family has been through.

"We think about him a lot, he’s talked about a lot. So the last couple days have been good days seeing some old friends, and of course seeing Bryan here -- it’s great news that he’s doing that well to come here."

* How bad have the Giants been at AT&T Park lately? They have a shot today at their first series win at home since July 11-13 and their second winning homestand since the beginning of June. A good outing from Tim Lincecum would help -- Lincecum’s looking for his first win since July 11, as he’s 0-3 with an 8.63 ERA in his last five starts.