Sacramento Kings

See former Sacramento Kings guard Mike Bibby go unrecognized during street basketball game

Former Sacramento Kings guard Mike Bibby went incognito to play a pickup game of "21" against two amateur ballers at a Phoenix, Arizona, Park on a recent Wednesday. It was caught on camera.

Bibby's son, Michael, recorded his father, who is also a former University of Arizona star and is the current Shadow Mountain High School coach. Michael Bibby tweeted out the video, saying, "My dad went to my sisters volleyball practice and played two guys in 21, and told them his name was Chris."

ABC 15 news station in Arizona caught up with one of the two players who took on Bibby.

"Right away I thought to myself: This guy looks really familiar. And I just couldn't put two and two together," Andrew Zehnder, a 28-year-old IT project manager originally from Nebraska told ABC 15. "Neither of us are from Arizona, so he's not like a quote-unquote local star I grew up idolizing. But I definitely know of him."

Kings fans know of Mike Bibby, too, from his time in Sacramento, 2001 to 2008. Bibby retired from the NBA six years ago after stints with the Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.