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Brooks shooting for a new image with Kings in summer league

MarShon Brooks is a changed basketball player, and he wants the rest of the NBA to see the difference.

Dating to his college days at Providence, there wasn’t much to question about Brooks’ scoring ability.

But how Brooks went about scoring has been an issue. Brooks hopes his time with the Kings during summer league can show the league he’s matured.

“I just want to show teams I’ve gotten better from my rookie year,” Brooks said. “I think I’ve done that out here. I’ve been a lot more disciplined with my shot selection, and my field-goal percentage has been skyrocketing because of that. I’ve just got to keep showing teams I’m not the guy I was two years ago, taking bad shots.”

Brooks has been an efficient scorer through four summer league games by making the most of his limited playing time.

Brooks has made 60.9 percent of his shots (14 of 23) and averaged 10.8 points in 15.5 minutes.

Brooks is a 44.2 percent shooter for his career.

Sacramento drafted Nik Stauskas this year and Ben McLemore last year to play shooting guard in the regular season, so Brooks is not a top priority in summer league.

Brooks, however, has managed to show he can make an impact in a disciplined manner.

“I knew I was going to have limited opportunities with them having Nik and drafting Ben last year,” Brooks said. “I just wanted to show what I could do in 15 minutes. That’s honestly what I wanted to do, and I think I’ve been doing a good job of it. I’ve been efficient from the floor as well as just show coach I’m going to go out there and play hard.”

Since averaging 12.6 points being an All-Rookie second-team selection with Brooklyn in 2012, his production has dropped and he’s become accustomed to new uniforms.

Following his second NBA season, in which he averaged just 5.4 points, Brooks has been traded three times.

Brooks played for Boston, Golden State and the Los Angeles Lakers and appeared in 35 total games.

“The main thing is just maintaining that confidence,” Brooks said. “Being traded from team to team is kind of tough. It was actually really tough. staying in a hotel the whole year. ... I’ve just got to bounce back.”

Brooks is using summer league to show his vagabond third season hasn’t destroyed his desire to play in the NBA.

Kings coach Michael Malone has praised Brooks for finding shots within the offense and coming up with timely baskets.

“You can put MarShon Brooks in any gym in the world and he’ll score,” Malone said after Thursday’s win over Minnesota. “He’s a professional scorer; that’s what he does. What I like about him is he’s been trying to do it within our offense instead of breaking off plays and trying to go one-on-one. He’s getting his points and his looks through our offense.”

Kings summer league coach Ty Corbin said Brooks has been a positive influence on the Kings.

“Just his experience, his happiness to be here,” Corbin said. “The guys get along with him very well. They understand who he is. They learn from his pace of the game and how he uses it, fast or slow, to his advantage.”

Corbin believes there is still a place in the NBA for a 6-foot-5, 200-pound guard with a knack for scoring.

It’s a matter of finding the right fit.

“He has an NBA talent; he can score the ball,” Corbin said. “Bigger guys, smaller guys, he can find a way to put the ball in the hole.”

And if he can do it with discipline, there might be a roster spot for Brooks with an NBA team this season.

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