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Ranking the NBA’s 30 teams

1. Golden State Warriors (43-9, last week 1):

Managed a rare win over San Antonio, but the Spurs would still be a scary postseason opponent.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (39-14, LW 3):

No hoopla about the Grizzlies, but they could win the West.

3. Atlanta Hawks (43-12, LW 2):

Came back from the All-Star break to get blown out by Toronto.

4. Toronto Raptors (37-17, LW 5):

Reminded Hawks they might be best in the East when at full strength.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers (34-22, LW 8):

If the Cavs finish strong, LeBron James could win his fifth MVP award.

6. Los Angeles Clippers (36-19 LW 9):

Still could stand to strengthen the bench for the playoffs.

7. Houston Rockets (36-18, LW 4):

Could recent struggles be a sign James Harden needs more teammates to step up with Dwight Howard out?

8. Dallas Mavericks (37-20, LW 10):

Rajon Rondo’s return from injury puts the Mavs back on course to challenge for the West title.

9. Portland Trail Blazers (36-18, LW 6):

Adding Arron Afflalo before the trade deadline gives the Blazers a reliable option on the wing.

10. San Antonio Spurs (34-21, LW 7):

Back-to-back losses to the Clippers and Warriors – two teams the Spurs have dominated – had coach Gregg Popovich hot.

11. Chicago Bulls (34-21, LW 11):

Many still believe only Cleveland can keep the Bulls out the NBA Finals.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (29-25, LW 14):

Rebuilt their bench via trades and have finally moved into the top eight in the West.

13. Milwaukee Bucks (31-23, LW 13):

Prepared for Brandon Knight’s possible departure as a free agent by trading him and acquiring Michael Carter-Williams.

14. Washington Wizards (33-22, LW 12):

Embarrassed by Cleveland Friday for their seventh loss in their last 10 games.

15. Phoenix Suns (29-26, LW 15):

Fixed their three-guard “problem” by trading Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas and adding Knight.

16. New Orleans Pelicans (27-27, LW 16):

Picked up point guard Norris Cole from Miami as Jrue Holiday continues to deal with injuries.

17. Charlotte Hornets (22-30, LW 17):

Their record won’t be as good as last season’s, but the Hornets might do enough to make the playoffs.

18. Miami Heat (23-30, LW 18):

Losing Chris Bosh for the season tempers the excitement of acquiring Dragic.

19. Indiana Pacers (22-33, LW 20):

Frank Vogel has done one of the better coaching jobs in the league this season amid several injuries.

20. Detroit Pistons (22-33, LW 21):

Trading for Reggie Jackson was the answer to losing Brandon Jennings for the season.

21. Boston Celtics (20-32, LW 19):

After years of rumors, Thomas is finally a Celtic via trade from Phoenix.

22. Brooklyn Nets (22-31, LW 22):

Thad Young will add needed athleticism in the frontcourt.

23. Utah Jazz (20-34, LW 24):

Granted Enes Kanter’s wish and traded him, meaning Rudy Gobert will play more, which is good for the future.

24. Denver Nuggets (20-34, LW 23):

Ty Lawson didn’t get traded, but was benched for a game for missing practice.

25. Kings (19-34, LW 25):

DeMarcus Cousins might be the only King more popular than coach George Karl these days.

26. Orlando Magic (18-39, LW 26):

Rumors had the Magic trying to trade at least one of their young forwards, but the roster remained intact.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves (12-42, LW 28):

Acquiring Kevin Garnett made for the feel-good story of the trade deadline, but does it make the Wolves better?

28. New York Knicks (10-44, LW 29):

Carmelo Anthony is out for the season, Amar’e Stoudemire was bought out, leaving no stars for the marquees in New York.

29. Los Angeles Lakers (13-41, LW 30):

Seven-game losing streak entering Saturday was longest current streak in the league.

30. Philadelphia 76ers (12-42, LW 27):

Once again the Sixers traded some of their most productive players to collect draft picks.