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Kings players confused, angered by Kanye West’s brief concert

Kanye West lost a lot of fans in Sacramento after his concert started late and ended abruptly Saturday night at Golden 1 Center.

Fans have come to expect a random rant from West. But they also expect a concert, not a quick sampling of songs, a rant and an exit.

Fans and many Kings who attended were upset.

“People do that at concerts,” Willie Cauley-Stein said of West’s tirade. “But he could have done that and still done his set. But the way he did it, I don’t know. Kanye is dead to me. I’ll probably never support him again. I’ll probably never listen to another song.”

Several players expressed their confusion on social media. Ticketmaster is refunding patrons.

“It was one of the craziest things I’ve seen in entertainment ever,” Anthony Tolliver said. “Literally, people were speechless because they didn’t know what to think. I still don’t know why he left. I still don’t understand after his rant, after his talk, what does that have to do with you performing?”

Tolliver said he felt especially bad for anyone who paid a lot to see West and didn’t have the luxury of watching from a suite, as he and his teammates did.

Tolliver attended a West concert in Detroit and had a good time.

“Yeah, it was awesome,” Tolliver said. “I went to the Yeezus tour a while back. He had a rant. He always has rants; he’s Kanye. But he performed before, ranted and then performed after, and then everybody left and went home.”

Cauley-Stein was in no mood to give West another chance. He ended up wasting a Saturday night.

“I thought it was obviously super (messed) up,” Cauley-Stein said. “I knew dudes that spent all day trying to get tickets to go, so they wasted a day getting tickets. I just thought it was dumb. He wasted all of our time trying to spread a message that’s a bad message.”

More life wanted – Kings coach Dave Joerger has said his team needs more energy, using words such as “juice,” “pop” and “zip.”

“We need to be more lively,” he said. “We need to be more active in the gray areas of the game.”

If the Kings do just that, they could avoid some of the slow starts that have become an issue. Joerger wants his players to hustle more.

“Get up and down the floor faster, get a loose ball, deny a pass,” Joerger said. “We’re third in the league in deflections, and we’re 28th in gathering loose balls.”

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