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Ranking the 30 NBA teams

With records through Friday.

1. Warriors (16-3, last week 2)

Kevin Durant is playing at an MVP level.

2. Spurs (16-4, LW 4)

Patty Mills is proving to be an asset at point guard.

3. Clippers (16-5, LW 3)

Recent three-game skid was an early-season reality check.

4. Cavaliers (13-5, LW 1)

Losing three straight might have ended the post-championship honeymoon.

5. Raptors (13-6, LW 5)

Kyle Lowry is shooting 62.9 percent from 3-point range during a five-game winning streak.

6. Rockets (13-7, LW 9)

Eric Gordon has been a plus as a scorer off the bench.

7. Bulls (11-7, LW 7)

Rajon Rondo averages 8.6 assists in wins and 6.3 in losses.

8. Grizzlies (12-8, LW 8)

Mike Conley’s injury could send Memphis tumbling over the next two months.

9. Thunder (12-8, LW 12)

Russell Westbrook might average a triple-double this season to get OKC into the playoffs.

10. Jazz (11-9, LW 10)

Utah is tough to beat when George Hill and Gordon Hayward are healthy.

11. Celtics (11-8, LW 11)

Inconsistency has riled up fans and sparked trade rumors.

12. Hornets (11-8, LW 13)

Jeremy Lamb, back from injury, has added needed scoring and athleticism.

13. Knicks (10-9, LW 15)

New York has won seven of 10 after a shaky start.

14. Pistons (11-10, LW 16)

Stan Van Gundy is getting the most out of this team, as usual.

15. Trail Blazers (10-10, LW 14)

Portland is still trying to recapture the magic of last season.

16. Bucks (9-8, LW 19)

Jabari Parker looks better in his second season back from his knee injury.

17. Lakers (10-11, LW 17)

Injuries have cost the Lakers their starting backcourt of Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell.

18. Hawks (10-10, LW 6)

Atlanta has dropped five straight games.

19. Pacers (9-10, LW 18)

Still waiting for Indiana to be the playoff team many expect it to be.

20. Magic (8-12, LW 20)

Elfrid Payton is averaging fewer minutes and assists in his third season.

21. Kings (7-12, LW 21)

DeMarcus Cousins’ streak of 30-point games ended at four in a loss at Boston.

22. Nuggets (7-12, LW 22)

Rookie guard Jamal Murray has made the most of his playing time lately.

23. Pelicans (7-13, LW 23)

New Orleans has improved after a slow start due to injuries.

24. Suns (6-13, LW 25)

It’s vital to Phoenix’s long-term improvement for Eric Bledsoe to remain healthy.

25. Heat (7-12, LW 26)

Hassan Whiteside still could make the All-Star team this season.

26. Wizards (6-12, LW 27)

Washington has little depth.

27. Timberwolves (5-14, LW 24)

Trendy preseason pick to contend for playoffs has long way to go.

28. Nets (5-13, LW 29)

Sean Kilpatrick might prove to be a bright spot this season.

29. 76ers (4-15, LW 28)

There are signs of improvement, but the wins aren’t coming yet.

30. Mavericks (3-15, LW 30)

Eleven of their 18 games have been on the road.

Jason Jones