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Reaction to Karl’s book no surprise to his last NBA employer

Excerpts from “Furious George” have generated fury in NBA circles.

The forthcoming book by longtime NBA coach George Karl has riled the likes of Kenyon Martin because of such assertions as he and Carmelo Anthony had character flaws as a result of growing up without fathers.

No one on the Kings would be surprised.

None of the team’s six coaches over the past seven-plus seasons inspired angst and bad feelings throughout the organization like Karl, who coached the Kings for 112 games between Feb. 17, 2015 and April 14, 2016.

Karl’s issues with DeMarcus Cousins were well documented, but what many didn’t see was how the rest of the players and others in the organization were irked by Karl or how his perceived arrogance made team employees feel he was belittling them.

Players bonded with assistant coaches, but the chasm between the roster and Karl was evident.

Karl’s candor with the media rankled players, especially when they believed Karl was loose with the facts. Never mind Rudy Gay being upset with being called overweight, how do you think the training staff that worked with him reacted to hearing that, feeling Gay was not overweight?

Singling out quiet players who were reluctant to fire back was another concern, such as comparing former King Derrick Williams to a vending machine.

“Why does he have to be such a (jerk)?” one player asked after hearing some of Karl’s comments last season.

Karl was hailed as a savior for the team when he was hired, but his tenure was unsuccessful in the standings and with many in the organization.

That’s why, when the idea of Karl staying in a front-office capacity was mentioned by fans and some journalists, insiders knew there was no chance of that happening.

Karl’s mentions of the Kings are relatively tame compared to his analysis of the mental makeup of Martin, Anthony and J.R. Smith.

In drafts seen by many, Karl said principal owner Vivek Ranadive cares more about keeping his star player happy than the team and that Vlade Divac is an inexperienced basketball executive. Also in drafts, Karl wrote that he likes Cousins personally but that he’s also “the most disrespectful” person he’s been around. He wrote that Cousins is not a winner, was out of shape and that he wanted to trade him.

Karl shared few opinions regarding his time with the Kings in the book’s published version because he’s still under contract with the team.

Still, Karl left Sacramento with many furious with George.

The ‘This Can’t Be Life’ Award

JaVale McGee can’t have some fun?

The Golden State center took a picture with a fan who resembled NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, thanking him for coming to a Warriors game at Brooklyn.

At least one media outlet, theScore, thought McGee had been fooled, writing that he found a way to notch an “L” even though the Warriors won.

McGee took to social media asking why theScore took “a joke into leading people into believing that I’m dumb.”

On its website, theScore updated its post to reflect that McGee wasn’t fooled, but hey, leave McGee alone.

Let’s leave the jokes about him on the court to the weekly “Shaqtin A Fool” segments.

The ‘Keeping it Way Too Real’ Award

“I didn’t have a father going up. We all know that. What’s George Karl excuse for being a terrible person.”

– Martin on Twitter in response to Karl’s critique of him in his upcoming book.

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