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Ranking the NBA’s 30 teams

Stephen Curry and his Warriors remain atop the NBA rankings.
Stephen Curry and his Warriors remain atop the NBA rankings. The Associated Press

With records through Friday

1. Warriors (39-7, last week 1)

Golden State has four All-Stars after having three last season.

2. Spurs (36-10, LW 2)

Jonathon Simmons’ rise in the league is one of this season’s feel-good stories.

3. Rockets (35-15, LW 4)

James Harden is the first player in NBA history with two triple-doubles including 50 points in one season.

4. Jazz (30-18, LW 5)

Some would argue center Rudy Gobert should have made the All-Star team.

5. Clippers (30-17, LW 6)

Blake Griffin is back from injury to ease the burden while Chris Paul recovers.

6. Cavaliers (31-14, LW 3)

Will the Cavs pull off another trade that satisfies LeBron James?

7. Celtics (28-18, LW 8)

Boston could emerge as the top challenger to Cleveland in the East.

8. Raptors (29-18, LW 7)

Their struggles kept them from gaining more on struggling Cleveland.

9. Thunder (28-19, LW 11)

Enes Kanter’s injury puts pressure on others to add scoring.

10. Wizards (26-20, LW 12)

Washington has become dominant at home with 14 straight wins.

11. Hawks (27-20, LW 9)

Atlanta is doing just fine after trading Kyle Korver.

12. Grizzlies (27-21, LW 10)

Marc Gasol is averaging 32.4 points in his last five games.

13. Pacers (24-22, LW 13)

Paul George has played like an MVP candidate lately.

14. Nuggets (20-25, LW 19)

Denver continues to exceed outsiders’ expectations.

15. Trail Blazers (21-27, LW 18)

Portland has won three straight to stay in the mix for the final playoff spot in the West.

16. Hornets (23-24, LW 14)

Kemba Walker has been excellent, but overall consistency has been lacking.

17. Bulls (23-25, LW 16)

Drama has overtaken the Bulls, with their biggest names stirring things up.

18. 76ers (17-28, LW 22)

Philadelphia, one of the hottest teams in the league, has nearly doubled last season’s win total (10).

19. Pistons (21-25, LW 17)

Detroit is finally healthy and hoping to make a playoff push.

20. Bucks (21-25, LW 15)

As with most young teams, consistency is a problem.

21. Pelicans (19-28, LW 23)

New Orleans knocked off Cleveland and San Antonio last week.

22. Knicks (21-27, LW 20)

Carmelo Anthony trade rumors continue to be the talk of New York.

23. Heat (17-30, LW 28)

Miami has a six-game winning streak, currently the longest in the NBA.

24. Magic (18-30, LW 21)

Aaron Gordon will return to the dunk contest next month after many thought he won last year.

25. Kings (18-28, LW 24)

Ty Lawson has been steady off the bench.

26. Timberwolves (17-29, LW 25)

Zach LaVine passed on the chance to win a third straight dunk contest.

27. Mavericks (16-30, LW 27)

Dallas is not tanking the season, but its bad start might be too much to overcome.

28. Suns (15-31, LW 29)

Ten of Phoenix’s wins have come against Eastern Conference teams.

29. Lakers (16-34, LW 26)

Lakers are 6-24 in their last 30 games and dealing with another injury to D’Angelo Russell.

30. Nets (9-37, LW 30)

Four-game losing streak is currently the longest in the league.

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