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Jason Jones ranks the NBA: No. 1 Warriors await update on Durant

With records through Friday:

1. Warriors (58-14, last week 2)

Six-game winning streak with everyone awaiting Kevin Durant’s medical update this week.

1. Spurs (55-16, LW 1)

If Tony Parker can recapture some postseason magic, the Spurs could end up champions.

3. Rockets (50-22, LW 3)

Houston barely made the playoffs last year but rose to among the best in the West.

4. Celtics (47-26, LW 5)

Boston isn’t accepting the East is Cleveland’s for the taking.

5. Wizards (44-28, LW 6)

Another team not conceding the East to the Cavaliers.

6. Cavaliers (47-24, LW 4)

Cleveland’s defensive problems might lead to their failure to repeat as champions.

7. Jazz (44-28, LW 7)

Acquiring George Hill was one of the best offseason moves by any team.

8. Raptors (43-29, LW 9)

Four-game winning streak has Toronto finding its stride at the right time.

9. Thunder (41-30, LW 8)

A top-4 finish in the West might secure the MVP for Russell Westbrook.

10. Bucks (37-35, LW 13)

Defense is a big reason Milwaukee is on the rise.

11. Clippers (43-30, LW 11)

They believe they can beat the Warriors in the playoffs, but most observers do not agree.

12. Grizzlies (40-32, LW 10)

Their size makes the Grizzlies an interesting postseason matchup.

13. Nuggets (35-37, LW 14)

Those anticipating Denver would fade after the All-Star break have been wrong.

14. Heat (35-37, LW 15)

Hassan Whiteside is shooting 59 percent in March as the Heat remain a hot team.

15. Trail Blazers (33-38, LW 16)

Portland is keeping the pressure on Denver for the final playoff spot in the West.

16. Pacers (36-36, LW 17)

Indiana has lost six of 10, including its last two.

17. Hawks (37-35, LW 12)

A six-game losing streak is not the ideal way to prepare for the playoffs.

18. Mavericks (31-40, LW 19)

Having Dirk Nowitzki around is a plus for young players who need to learn how to win.

19. Pelicans (30-42, LW 22)

The DeMarcus Cousins-Anthony Davis pairing could be effective next season.

20. Bulls (34-39, LW 21)

Will Chicago go into a full rebuild mode this offseason?

21. Pistons (34-39, LW 18)

Big question for Detroit is what to do with Reggie Jackson in the offseason.

22. Hornets (32-40, LW 23)

Back-to-back postseason appearances is looking less likely.

23. 76ers (27-45, LW 25)

Philadelphia is no longer the butt of jokes but still has a lot of work to do to improve.

24. Timberwolves (28-43, LW 20)

Five straight losses should end their faint playoff hopes.

25. Magic (27-46, LW 27)

Terrence Ross is averaging 12.3 points since being traded to Orlando.

26. Knicks (27-42, LW 24)

Knick fans would settle for the triangle or any offense if it leads to a winning season.

27. Kings (27-45, LW 26)

Four straight losses and a 3-12 record since trading Cousins.

28. Suns (22-51, LW 28)

Yes, they lost, but Devin Booker scoring 70 points is still impressive.

29. Lakers (21-51, LW 29)

The Lakers might be looking for a point guard if D’Angelo Russell is moved to shooting guard permanently.

30. Nets (15-57, LW 30)

Brooklyn is showing signs of improvement late in the season.

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