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Why isn’t Bogdanovic playing more? When might the Kings make a trade?

Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovic (8) passes the ball away from Minnesota Timberwolves forward Karl-Anthony Towns (32) in on Thursday in Minneapolis.
Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovic (8) passes the ball away from Minnesota Timberwolves forward Karl-Anthony Towns (32) in on Thursday in Minneapolis. AP

Throughout the season, Jason Jones answers readers’ questions about the team in a weekly Twitter mailbag. Tweet your questions with the hashtag #JonesHoldsCourt.

Q: The Kings are at the bottom of the League in pace. Is this how Joerger and the front office want to play?

– Owen T. Merlock, @terra4m3r

A: That’s not how the Kings ideally want to play. But if we have learned anything from their attempts to increase pace (beginning with George Karl), playing fast isn’t just a matter of saying, “Hey, let’s run.” There are personnel changes to consider and a mindset to get the ball up the floor quickly and defend in a way to generate more possessions.

The Kings entered Friday 28th in pace (96.74). The front office envisions a team that plays fast – a reason they drafted De’Aaron Fox at No. 5 overall. But the team’s makeup doesn’t lend itself to a fast pace. George Hill hasn’t played in high-tempo offenses, and Fox and Frank Mason III are rookies still figuring out the NBA game.

The Kings have gotten incrementally better (27th in pace over the last month). It will be interesting to watch how they grow in this area.

Q: Will Skal beef up enough to become legit @NBA player? @SacramentoKings need some muscle.

– Casey E Nichols, @CaseyENichols

A: Skal Labissiere actually has gotten bigger from his rookie season. His job as a rookie was to consume as many calories as possible and this season he’s done a better job of keeping on the weight. Even with that, Labissiere, who is listed at 225, will probably never be a hulking figure on the floor.

Labissiere will not make his NBA career trying to overpower opponents. His ability to face up and score is his strength. He needs to become a better rebounder, too, but that’s not all about muscle.

Q: In your opinion, when do the kings make a trade?

– classicdude78, @burritoman78

A: If the Kings are willing to attach a young player to a veteran, February is my prediction. If not, expect a deal in the offseason to try to add assets for the 2019 draft.

The Kings do not have a first-round draft pick in 2019 because of the 2015 trade with Philadelphia that was used to clear salary for free agency.

Q: Why isn’t bogie getting more run?

– Dom Callori, @domcallori

A: Relatively speaking, Bogdan Bogdanovic is getting plenty of run. He’s averaging 27.6 minutes in his last 10 games and 24.9 for the season. The way the Kings’ roster is set up, no player is guaranteed 30-plus minutes a night.

The injury to Fox might open up more playing time, but expect Bogdanovic to play 25-30 minutes most nights.

And for this week’s non-Kings question we take a trip down WWE road:

Q: Who is your favorite heel of all time? Rick The Model Martel was one of my faves.

– Kings_Haiku, @ashalay_LTE

A: Tough one because a lot of my favorite heels ended up turning face (The Rock, for example). Ric Flair is an easy choice. But if I had to pick one, I’m going with Edge. He was such a good heel, he allowed Kane to be a face. He was always entertaining on the microphone, too. I actually just ordered a new Edge shirt.

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