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Should Deandre Ayton and Luka Doncic be the Kings' only options at No. 2?

DeAndre Ayton from Arizona sits on the stage before the NBA draft lottery Tuesday, May 15, 2018, in Chicago.
DeAndre Ayton from Arizona sits on the stage before the NBA draft lottery Tuesday, May 15, 2018, in Chicago. AP

For the second consecutive year, the NBA draft lottery was good to the Kings.

Now players such as Arizona center Deandre Ayton and Slovenian swingman Luka Doncic are within their reach at No. 2 overall. So are Marvin Bagley III and Michael Porter Jr., both of whom might have been off the board had the Kings stayed at No. 7.

The draft is June 21 and there will be plenty of questions and speculation up until then.

Q: Fans seem sold on Doncic or Ayton. What other players should Kings take a hard look at for #2 pick. Shouldn't Porter Jr get a good look too?

– Marcie McCammond, @huskerschott

A: The Kings should at least consider Duke forward Marvin Bagley III, Missouri forward Michael Porter Jr. and Michigan State forward Jaren Jackson Jr. with their top pick.

Texas center Mohamed Bamba is viewed by some as a top-five prospect, but I'd be surprised to see the Kings use such a high pick on a primarily defensive player.

Q: What do you think of Michael Porter Jr? He was #1 prospect at the beginning of college season. Based on need I feel he is the perfect fit for the Kings. Start him at small forward, then have an end of game lineup of Fox, Bogi, Buddy, Porter, and Giles.

– Stephen Eastman, @stephen_eastman

A: Porter is an intriguing prospect. Perimeter players who are 6-foot-10 with a great feel on offense aren't easy to find. And it's not as if Porter forgot how to play; he was injured last season at Missouri.

The Kings need a dynamic wing player, and if Porter plays to the potential many see in him, he would be that for the Kings.

Draft prospect Michael Porter Jr. is "motivated" to prove he's ready for the NBA.

Q: Should the Kings be worried about taking Doncic if the Suns don't take him despite their new coaches knowledge of him?

– Rival Sports Club, @RivalSportsClub

A: No. Just because Igor Kokoskov coached Doncic on the Slovenian national team does not mean the Phoenix front office will draft Doncic.

Most draft experts see Ayton as the best player in the draft, so passing on Doncic for Ayton would be an easy decision.

No team is passing on superior talent simply because of a past relationship between a player and coach. And that decision should not be seen as a reflection on Doncic.

Q: Can you talk me into Marvin Bagley being a viable option at 2? With his defensive concerns, what’s his ceiling?

Vince Allen, @vinceallen30

A: I don't know if I can do that, but I can share some of his positives and what some have told me about him. Many see him as a player with star potential who will blossom outside of the college game.

He was also an elite rebounder in college, which the Kings lack. The last great rebounder they had was DeMarcus Cousins and Sacramento routinely struggles in that area.

Q: Who on the current roster has the best chance of being traded? Will WCS be shipped out if Ayton is the choice? Do you think the Kings will use their cap space to take on salary dumps for assets, or throw max money at a young player?

– cfleen1, @cfleen1s

A: I don't expect anyone to be traded because of the draft. Even if the Kings are able to land Ayton, he'd still be a rookie.

Veterans Kosta Koufos, Garrett Temple and Iman Shumpert – who have player options to return next season – and Zach Randolph will all be in the last year of their contracts, so it wouldn't surprise me to see the Kings hold on to all of them.

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