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Harry Giles brings the fire the Kings have been missing. ‘He’s ready to win’

Kings forward Harry Giles, right, forces a turnover against Phoenix Suns forward Alec Peters in their summer league game in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 7, 2018.
Kings forward Harry Giles, right, forces a turnover against Phoenix Suns forward Alec Peters in their summer league game in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 7, 2018.

Harry Giles has a lot of what the Kings have been missing.

It has nothing to do with the 17 points he scored in Saturday's 71-63 loss to the Phoenix Suns in summer league at Thomas & Mack Center.

Giles has an attitude. He has natural leadership traits. He has the dogmatic personality needed to keep his younger peers on edge while also pushing them to do better.

Giles has a fire the Kings have been looking for in their young players.

"He's been vocal," said Kings summer league coach Larry Lewis. "I think he's a winner, so he's going to try to get his teammates pumped up vocally. That's what's needed a lot of the time. He's ready to win; he's ready to fight."


Giles had to be quiet last season. It's hard to be a leader in street clothes, especially when all of your minutes come in practice.

Giles, however, has shown the willingness and knack to be a leader this summer. There's every reason to believe he will continue to grow into the tenacious personality the locker room needs in the regular season.

Giles is trying to ease into this role.

"I'm still young, too," the 20-year-old said. "I'm just taking my time with it."

The more comfortable Giles looks on the court, the more comfortable he is at speaking up.

"More and more and each game," Giles said. "I think the more I go out there and play, lead by example. You really can't be a leader unless you lead by example. You've got to show to prove, and that's what I go out there and try to do."

Giles is showing some of the aspects of his game the Kings have privately been giddy to see in game situations. He shot 8 of 16, grabbed six rebounds and had five steals and a blocked shot Saturday.

Giles said he's "putting more stuff together" as summer league continues. He's played in multiple spots on the court and believes the coaching staff is giving him "enough" freedom to find his game on offense.

"I don't want to overdo it, especially early," Giles said. "At times I felt myself speeding up, trying things. Surprised myself with some of them. I was like, 'Wow, I’m actually here in this position' and may have not been ready for it early."

Giles looks more ready to be a leader with each game, too. He doesn't sound like a player without NBA experience, because leadership seems to come naturally.

He enjoys encouraging his teammates and trying to direct them and demand they communicate on defense.

"Just stay with it" is his message to his teammates, Giles said. "We're young, so a lot of guys haven't really played in the NBA. It's my first time, too, but I learned from my OGs, my vets, that talking and getting yourself comfortable first kind of puts you in position to get out of your comfort zone and just talk."

Giles' mature demeanor serves him well, while others are still finding their way in summer league.

"Some guys aren't talking; they aren't all the way comfortable out there yet," Giles said. "But me being a little older, being a little more experienced, I've just got to go out there and lead by example."

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