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Postgame notes: Kings’ defense does little to slow down Jazz

Postgame notes and quotes from Wednesday night’s 122-101 loss to the Utah Jazz:

*This was easily one of the worst defensive games of the season. They allowed a season in points and allowed the Jazz to post numerous season highs, including points and assists with 35.

And for those who spent all season blaming Greivis Vasquez for all the defensive problems on the perimeter, please note he is in Toronto and the Kings still couldn’t defend the perimeter tonight.

“We can’t contain the ball and it gets to wherever it wants to on the court, then you’re forced to help,” said Kings coach Michael Malone. “Then they can drive and kick threes. You can’t do anything about it if you don’t have any energy or effort. This was our worst game of the season by far, in terms of energy and effort. We can’t make any excuses. People can say that we didn’t have enough bodies, but I’m not buying that. We have enough bodies and enough talent in our locker room to give forth a much better effort than we did tonight.”

Trey Burke had 11 points and nine assists for Utah in 21:27 on the court as the latest point guard to have his way against the Kings. Alec Burks came off the bench for 17 points and two assists. Diante Garrett had four assists off the bench.

Ten of the 12 Jazz players that plaeyd had an assist.

*More Malone:

“I think this game is a sign of us being a very young team. It’s hard when you come off of a very impressive win against Dallas, which was probably our best game of the season. We actually played for 48 minutes, we had a great energy, and defended at a high level. Tonight, though, I thought our effort and energy was very flat, starting from the jump ball. It shows through our number s— we let them have 122 points off of shooting 56 percent from the three and 54 percent from the field. We didn’t do anything tonight. It’s disappointing but tomorrow we will get our new guys to practice and try to get them acclimated to us as a team. We’re going to get ready for Phoenix.”

*The Kings did get more bench scoring with Jimmer Fredette (13 points) and Marcus Thornton (11 points) doing most of the scoring. Nine of Fredette’s points came in the fourth quarter.

*The Kings hope to have Rudy Gay, Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray for Thursday’s practice, assuming Vasquez is cleared to practice with Toronto early in the day. The Kings practice in Sacramento before leaving for Friday night’s game in Phoenix.

Vasquez had issues with his work visa to clear up which delayed his arrival in Toronto.

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