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Pregame notes: Cousins vs. Hawes is a contrast in styles

Perhaps the most intriguing match up tonight is at center, where DeMarcus Cousins will have to defend Philadelphia’s Spencer Hawes.

Hawes’ perimeter shooting will challenge Cousins to be disciplined at all times.

“He just can’t run into the paint,” said Kings coach Michael Malone of Cousins. “Spencer’s shooting 44 percent from the three-point just can’t run into the paint and lose sight of him.”

On the other hand, the Kings want to make Hawes work on defense by going to Cousins in the post. The Kings believe Hawes will struggle with Cousins’ strength.

“Once (Hawes) gets caught dead behind (Cousins) he’s in a real predicament,” said ....they’re entirely different players even though they play the same position.”

*Another match up to watch will be at point guard while 5-foot-9 Isaiah Thomas will have to deal 6-foot-6 Philadelphia rookie Michael Carter-Williams.

Prediction time: In the first game of a five-game homestand, the Kings should be able to take care of business. Cousins in the post is the way to go.

Kings 109, 76ers 101

My record: 17-13