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Pregame notes: Malone takes wait-and-see approach on players-only meeting

The Kings held a players-only meeting Sunday to address any issues players had with each other and their play.

Kings coach Michael Malone’s take on if the meeting would help was predictable.

“Ask me after the game,” Malone said.

If the Kings manage to win, the meeting was a success. If they lose, we can all question whether the meeting was worth everyone’s time.

What we do know is the Kings are playing a good team in Portland, meaning effort isn’t likely to be an issue.

Malone said the Kings had two good days of practice, but much like the meeting, he’s taking a wait-and-see approach to see how much practice helped.

Prediction time: I keep getting burned picking the Kings to win. Can’t take that chance against the Trail Blazers.

Blazers 108, Kings 102

My record: 17-15