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Pregame notes: Malone not expecting another blowout against Cleveland

CLEVELAND The Kings beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by 44 points on Jan. 12 in Sacramento.

Kings coach Michael Malone isn’t using that game as a blueprint for playing the Cavs tonight.

“I’ll be very honest with you, I didn’t take anything from that game,” Malone said. “Those kind of games happen once in a while. People forget midway through the third quarter it’s a 12-point game.”

Malone expects a much tougher game tonight from the coach he worked under for five seasons in Cleveland.

“I know (coach) Mike Brown is not going to come out here and allow his team to lay an egg like they did in Sacramento,” Malone said.

*Well for the Cavs to do that, they’ll do so without Anderson Varejao or CJ Miles, who are both out with injuries.

*Malone was asked if Isaiah Thomas takes playing Kyrie Irving personally.

Irving was the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft and Thomas was selected last.

“I think when Isaiah wakes up it’s like somebody peed in his corn flakes,” Malone said. “He’s going to show everybody you made a mistake, you passed up on me.”

Prediction time: Before this four-game trip, I believed 2-2 was a realistic goal. The Kings have dropped the first two games of the trip so the win has to come here.

And if the Cavs will rely on Tyler Zeller to stop DeMarcus Cousins it’s going to be a long night for Zeller.

Kings 103, Cavs 90

My record: 30-21