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Kings watch as Cavs have their way in coasting to victory

Tonight, the Kings looked like the Kings they said they didn’t’ want to be anymore.

They looked disinterested, unprepared and were worked over in a 109-99 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night at Quicken Loans Arena.

Being the team that allowed career highs of 19 points and 10 rebounds to Anthony Bennett -- the first overall pick in last year’s draft that spent most of the season being clowned for his play -- is just part of the overall woes.

The Cavs shot 47.7 percent from the field, 57.1 percent from three-point range, and piled up 30 assists while the Kings managed only 18.

The Kings were outscored 46-26 in the paint -- even though DeMarcus Cousins did not have to face an injured Anderson Varejao.

The Kings were outrebounded 45-36, too.

“If you get 30 assists on 41 field goals offensively that’s great,” said Kings coach Michael Malone. “Defensively that means you’re not guarding anybody and they blew by us all night long. No resistance. Very disappointed in our effort, in our competitive spirit and our togetherness.”

The Kings looked like a team that’s already on its All-Star break. There’s one problem with that -- the Kings have on more game before the break -- Wednesday at New York.

“If we approach tomorrow night’s game (like this) we’ll get blown out like they did last year,” Malone said.

*The Kings were feeling good before this four-game road trip. They’d beaten Toronto and Chicago at home and were hoping to catch some teams looking ahead toward the break and steal some road wins.

“The flipside of that it’s a great time to blow games,” Malone said.

The Kings have shot 38.7 percent in the first three games of the trip and are scoring just 90.7 points per game. Opponents are scoring 100.3 per game.