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Postgame notes: Kings figure to be busy as trade deadline approaches

By noon Thursday, things might settle down for the Kings.

Since taking over as general manager, Pete D’Alessandro has been doing all he could to revamp the roster. The latest move was trading Marcus Thornton to Brooklyn.

And there is still the possibility the longest tenured King could be dealt. The Kings have been interested in moving Jason Thompson and his contract that has two mores seasons at almost $12.5 million guaranteed.

Jimmer Fredette and Travis Outlaw are other holdovers the Kings might move as the deadline approaches.

“Once that time does come there will probably be a lot of relief from our guys knowing it’s over,” said Kings coach Michael Malone. “(The players will think) I’m going to be here for the next 28 games, let’s get better and put all those distractions behind us.”

The Kings do not practice until noon on Thursday. So there will no pulling a player out of practice because of a trade.

“That’s the bad thing about the NBA,” said Isaiah Thomas. “You lose brothers, guys that you fight with everyday, go to battle with everyday. Marcus Thornton was a great teammate and I know he’s going to to do great things in Brooklyn, but that’s the business of the NBA.”

*Ray McCallum played 11:40 tonight. Jimmer Fredette played 4:15. And it sounds like McCallum will play a lot more to finish the season.

“He’s going to play a lot more,” Malone said of McCallum. “I thought he did a good job tonight, especially in that first half. ... Ray has a defensive mindset, which I like about him.”

*Thomas said he’s known new teammate Jason Terry since he was in the second grade. Thomas said Terry’s father coached him starting in the second grade until about the eighth grade.