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Postgame notes: Kings don’t show up in the first quarter; watch Harden put on a scoring exhibition

The Kings lost this game long before DeMarcus Cousins was ejected. Not to excuse Cousins’ behavior, but the Kings were down 25 when he was tossed from the game that the Kings lost, 129-103, Sacramento’s worst defeat of the season.

The Kings began the game by watching James Harden do whatever he liked. Harden scored 22 points in the first quarter, five more than the Kings.

The Kings were down 42-17 after the first quarter and down 50-19 when they left the court during a timeout to boos.

“For us to come out and play the way we did in the first quarter was unacceptable,” said Kings coach Michael Malone. “You can have bad games and off nights at times, but the one constant that should never be questioned is your effort. For us to allow them to come out and score 42 points with 18 fastbreak points in the first quarter -- that’s just crazy.”

Harden scored a season-high 43 points in just 31 minutes. He spent the fourth quarter icing his knees with the rest of Houston’s starters.

*Back to Cousins. Malone said he did not condone Cousins’ actions in getting ejected for trying to approach official Courtney Kirkland to the point that he had to be restrained.

Malone said he was trying to pick up a technical foul defending the calls Cousins was not getting from the officials.

Cousins did not speak with the media after the game but apologized on Twitter.

Cousins has 15 technical fouls, one short of an automatic one-game suspension. He’d be suspended for every other technical foul after his 16th.

*The Kings will sign guard Orlando Johnson to a 10-day contract Wednesday once Jimmer Fredette’s buyout is finalized. The Kings have also worked out former first-round pick Royce White, but no deal is imminent.

*Isaiah Thomas commented on Fredette’s impending departure. Both were drafted in 2011.

“First it was Tyler Honeycutt (traded last season) in my draft class and now Jimmer,” Thomas said. “He’s a great dude, great basketball player. And thing about this business is it can happen to anybody.”

It was Thomas’ play that kept Fredette on the bench beginning with their rookie seasons. If not for Thomas, Fredette’s career in Sacramento might have been different.

*Fredette’s 25th birthday is today.