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Postgame notes: Kevin Martin makes it tough on Ben McLemore again

NBA defense isn’t easy as Ben McLemore continues to learn.

And Kevin Martin continues to remind McLemore of that.

Martin scored 31 points McLemore struggled to keep up before fouling out.

Martin had 26 points March 1 at Sacramento.

“Kevin Martin is a tough cover for a lot of people,” said Kings coach Michael Malone. “But obviously for him to get 31 points and 14-of-1f from the foul line. It’s a tough cover for and he fouled out. He’s got to be able to defend without fouling. And I thought Kevin Martin got a lot of vet calls where Ben McLemore is an unknown rookie in the referees’ eyes. That’s part of growing up in the NBA and Kevin Martin has made that reputation for himself as a guy that gets to the foul line and is a very efficient scorer. So a tough cover for Ben. And we play this team one more time and I’m hoping next time Ben will be able to do a better job of defending Kevin Martin.”