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Postgame notes: Royce White debuts in loss to Spurs

With 56.1 seconds left in the Spurs 99-79 win over the Kings, Royce White made his NBA regular-season debut.

Of course, there is a lot of attention on White. He didn’t record a stat while in the game.

White’s diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder has made him a public face for mental health.

The disorder leaves him susceptible to panic attacks and having a fear of flying.

“There’s a lot of scrutiny, obviously,” White said after the game. “Been all over the spectrum in terms of what kind of scrutiny I’ve received but I’m just trying to deal with it at a level way and an understanding way. I understand that people are going to have their things and feelings and those opinions and things like that; everybody’s opinions are valid.”

White did not record any statistics in his debut.

What was asked if there was an “ah-ha” moment to finally play in an NBA game:

“Yeah – the call on the way to the table was the moment. The fans were really good and a lot of warmth came when I came in and they announced my name so that felt good too.”

But is White glad that part is over? Yes.

“The first time?” White said. “Yeah – pretty good to get that out of the way.”

• The Kings got a lesson in how to move the ball from the Spurs. Even though the Spurs had only 18 assists, they found open teammates in crucial moments.

“They’re always willing to make the extra pass,” said Kings guard Isaiah Thomas. “When you make a mistake, they’ve always got a counter for whatever mistake you make. That’s why they’re tough to beat. It’s like they can close their eyes and know where guys are going to be.”

Said DeMarcus Cousins:

“I feel like they executed better. They’re great at what they do and they did it well tonight.”

• Neither team was good on offense. The Spurs shot 38.7 percent and the Kings shot 40 percent.

“I don’t think we came down and moved the ball enough in some possessions,” Cousins said. “We came down and got quick shots and it kind of hurt us I believe. So I think if we moved the ball a lot better tonight we would’ve had a better chance at this game.”

• Cousins on what the Kings could learn from the Spurs:

“They’re a group that’s been together a long time with their core pieces so they know each other well and have incredible chemistry. Being a young team, you can learn a lot from those guys – how to trust one another, how to communicate with one another. So there are definitely some things, us being a young team, that we can take back and add to our own game. That’s why they’re in the position they’re always in.”

• Rudy Gay left the game in the fourth quarter with a stomach illness.