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Postgame notes: Cousins doesn’t want praise for his apology

In terms of maturity, Nov. 9, 2012 was one of the low points during DeMarcus Cousins’ NBA career.

Following a loss to the San Antonio Spurs, Cousins left the Kings locker room to confront former Spur and current television analyst Sean Elliott over comments he deemed as critical.

The NBA deemed that confrontation threatening and hostile and suspended Cousins for two games.

When the Spurs were in Sacramento this past Friday, Cousins approached Elliott before the game and apologized.

“What happened between me and Sean the other day was just me being man enough to admit that I was wrong,” Cousins said. “I wasn’t expecting it to get out. I was hoping it was going to be something between me and him.”

Cousins had maintained for more than a year that he didn’t do anything worthy of a suspension. But Elliott said the apology seemed sincere. Word spread of the apology because it happened before the game where team officials and media could see it courtside.

Perhaps this is the kind of act the Kings have wanted to see more of from Cousins.

• O.J. Mayo had 13 points in the fourth quarter and finished with 21 points in a losing effort against the Kings. Mayo was Rudy Gay’s teammate in Memphis.

Mayo had been a healthy scratch the past six games, but was back in action with Nate Wolters lost for the season to a broken left hand.

Mayo, sporting a winter beard and looking heavier then he did as a premier bench scorer in Memphis, showed flashes of his old self against the Kings.

“He’s had a bad season but he’s still a good player,” Gay said. “He’s a little overweight, he hasn’t played a lot this season but he’s still O.J. Mayo in there and I’ve seen him do things like that all the time. I wasn’t surprised at all. He can hit tough shots, he’s a ballplayer. He can do it and for whatever reason how it’s turned out, he’s been hurt, gained a little weight whatever, he’s still a good ball player.”

Gay was asked if he was surprised by how Mayo looked.

“A little bit,” Gay said. “... We talked about it a little bit, he said he was hurt. I guess when you’re hurt in Wisconsin, you eat.”

• The Kings got just 17 points from the bench in their 124-107 win over the Bucks.

That’s still an area of concern for the Kings. Derrick Williams had just two points. He’s a player the Kings would like to see be a big scorer off the bench.