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Kings host Aaron Gordon in an announced pre-draft meeting

The Kings hosted eight players for pre-draft workouts Monday that were made known to the media, but one player who might be an ideal fit with the Kings also visited the team facility.

Arizona forward Aaron Gordon had what a team official described as an “impromptu” meeting with Kings management and ownership because he happened to be in the area.

But it doesn’t appear to be a chance meeting.

Gordon said in an online diary for Slam Magazine that appeared online Monday that his first team workout would be with the Kings.

“Now, Sacramento is my first team workout. I think it’s going to be a little more relaxed. I’m just going to meet with a few people, get a few shots up and have a relaxed workout. They have the eighth pick and that’s kind’ve my range, so I want to see what they’re talking about.

There’s a lot of good things going on in Sacramento. DeMarcus Cousins, Big Cous! Have you seen his highlights? He’s a beast. His highlights are some of the most fun to watch in the NBA. His highlights are crazy. My game could definitely develop from playing with him.”

Gordon took “a few shots” but the team is not classifying it as a workout. ESPN reported Gordon worked out for the Kings.

When I asked assistant general manager Mike Bratz when the next workout for the Kings would be, he said after June 15.

So maybe this wasn’t an official “workout” but it appears to have been planned, at least from Gordon’s side, as part of a “relaxed” visit.

Gordon (6-9, 220) is the kind of athlete the Kings covet and is high on their draft boards.

Gordon enjoys playing defense and is an elite athlete, two things the Kings desperately need on their roster.

Gordon has the kind of length (6-11 3/4 wingspan) and explosiveness (39-inch vertical leap) that could help improve the Kings on defense and aid the running game on offense.

The Kings worked out Indiana forward Noah Vonleh on Monday, but Gordon is more likely to be available when the Kings select eighth in the first round based on mock drafts that rank Vonleh higher than Gordon.

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