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DeMarcus Cousins finding his place in Hollywood

DeMarcus Cousins would never describe himself as a man infatuated with fame and paparazzi.

But he’s been on television a lot more lately and he’s enjoying it.

“It’s been busy,” Cousins said Thursday at his basketball camp at Sacramento High School. “I’ve never been in Hollywood that much in my life. It’s different, I’m not really that type of person but I’m going with the flow. It’s been fun.”

Cousins has made appearances on ESPN and Jimmy Kimmel Live recently.

Cousins enjoyed being part of the “Mean Tweets” segment on Kimmel Live, and jokingly said he hopes it doesn’t encourage more spiteful messages from fans looking to land a spot on the show.

“A lot of us athletes get it pretty bad on the social media,” Cousins said. “It was fun to get to see it. Hopefully they don’t twist and make to where ‘I can be on mean tweets now.’

Cousins might be best known for a mean face on the court, but he actually considers himself a “big kid” and he’s able to show off on television.

“People get to see a side of me that don’t really get to see or hear about,” Cousins said.