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Malone still looking to add another assistant coach to his staff; discusses his father coaching in Detroit

Kings coach Michael Malone said he is in the process of interviewing candidates to join his coaching staff.

Malone never filled the spot on staff when his father, Brendan, resigned before last season.

“I’m still looking at some guys,” Malone said Thursday at the conclusion of the NBA Draft. “I brought in a couple of guys already. I’m not going to get into names at his point. I’m going to have some more guys come into town next week and probably within the next couple of weeks we’ll be able to make an announce about who I hired. It will not be my father, just so you know.”

Brendan is back on the sidelines. He is on Stan Van Gundy’s staff in Detroit.

Michael said he learned that his father would be coaching again last month around the time of the NBA Draft Combine.

“He called me up and we had a long talk about it,” Michael said. “He wanted to make sure I was OK with that and I was more than OK. He and Stan Van Gundy have a special relationship. He’d coached in Detroit, it’s much closer to home and my mother (in New York). So it’s a great opportunity for him to get back and I was happy for him. I’m really probably more happy for my mother to get him out of the house.”

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