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Malone mentions need for better ball movement from Kings again

There’s a theme to the offseason for Michael Malone.

The Kings will play more fluidly on offense.

Malone has harped on that during this week’s summer league minicamp and brought it up again Thursday.

“I don’t want anyone catching and holding the basketball,” Malone said. “If you don’t have a shot right away look to make a play for your teammate. That’s something we’ve been repeating over and over is make a play for your teammate.”

The Kings finished last in the NBA in assists due in part to so many players either dribbling or holding the ball to get their own shot.

Malone is adamant that he must change that this season and is running drills that emphasize screens, cuts and passes on offense with little or no dribbling in halfcourt sets.

• Isaiah Thomas remains a man without a team.

He visited with the Phoenix Suns today and will continue meeting with the team Friday.

Like the Kings, the Suns see Thomas a spark off the bench.

With the Kings signing of Darren Collison to become official this week, Thomas appears to want a chance to play the Kings multiple times during the season.

The Kings were set on not overpaying Thomas, who is a restricted free agent. The Kings can match any offer, but both sides appear ready to move on.