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A lighter Rudy Gay is ready to play more like ‘a guard’ this season

Rudy Gay is in favor of this playing faster concept.

His offseason was spent preparing to do so.

“I had to lose a lot of weight,” Gay said. “I put on a lot of unnecessary weight. I feel good now. I feel lighter, I feel quicker.”

Gay said he dropped 15 pounds that he gained before last season. He said the extra weight was due to his workout regimen.

“Heavy weight lifting,” Gay said. “That’s somthing that I shouldn’t have done.”

Gay said his “excessive” gains were to prepare to play against bigger players last season with the Raptors. It left him not feeling as quick. Gay has a sleeker look this training camp.

“One of the emphasises coming into camp last year with Toronto was me playing the stretch four and putting on the weight was one of those things,” Gay said. “It didn’t turn out very well so I had to drop it. Now I feel like a guard again.”

Gay was on pace for his worst season as a pro, shooting below 40 percent before being traded to Sacramento last December.

The fans in Vancouver did manage to boo Gay Sunday, though they weren’t as rowdy as the crowd in Toronto last season.

Gay wasn’t shocked to be booed, even if he was in the western side of Canada.

“I don’t know why they booed me here,” Gay said. “Surprised, no, I’m not surprised by anything.”

Landry is coming off offseason knee surgery, so Malone knew what he was doing by keeping the veteran in the game with four small players.

“The thing with Carl is he hasn’t played in five or six months and he was dead tired,” Malone said. “But I didn’t want to take him out, I wanted him to bust through that wall to get ready for opening night at the end of the month. He’s a very savvy basketball player and you can put four smalls around him and he’s going to be able to make plays.”

Collison picked up two fouls in the first quarter and a third shortly after entering the game in the third. Once Collison found his rhythm in the second half, he shot 5-for-7 for 13 points and also had six assists.

The 29 turnovers by Sacramento cut into some of those assist opportunities. There were still moments when the Kings found trouble by dribbling too much.

The offense is a work in progress is the theme. As players get to know each other better, they expect the play will clean itself up.

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