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Michael Malone won’t settle for ‘unacceptable’ offense this season

If you didn’t like watching the Kings play offense last season, you’re not alone.

Kings coach Michael Malone and the rest of the organization didn’t enjoy the dribbling, standing, lack-of-passing offense that led to many bad shots.

Malone said is drilling that message home which began with the first practice of training camp Saturday at the team’s practice facility.

“How we played offensively is unacceptable,” Malone said of last season. “Whether it be the system, the plays, but more importantly moving the basketball. Be unselfish, don’t hold (the basketball). We want to trust the pass, have the type of mentality. And if you’re holding the ball, you’re wrong. If you’re standing you’re wrong.”

Malone arrived in Sacramento with a reputation as a defensive coach. But as one of his mentors, Gregg Popovich, showed in the NBA Finals, it is possible to have a fluid offense and still play defense.

“Our best defense will be our offense,” Malone said. “An improved offense will allow us to set our defense and I think become a much improved defensive team.”

Landry’s goal has been to be ready for the season opener. Malone was pleased with Landry’s work this morning.

“He got through all practice which I was very proud about and he felt good,” Malone said. “I think in the back of his mind he wasn’t sure ‘Can I get through a whole practice?’ I’m not ready to say he’s 100 percent but he’s getting real close. For him to go through a 2 ½ hour contact practice not sit out at all is definitely a good sign.”

But Malone doesn’t think either player will be severely limited by playing in the FIBA World Cup:

“We have a lot of work to do. If I need to hold back with Rudy and DeMarcus because of their Team USA experience I will. The great thing for us is DeMarcus averaged 13 minutes a game and Rudy averaged around 12 so they don’t have a lot of wear and tear, a lot of traveling, a lot of time away but I don’t think their bodies were overused when they played with the USA team.”