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Team USA prepared Rudy Gay for new role with the Kings

The Kings search for a power forward could lead them to be very creative this season.

The chatter of positionless basketball means there will be some unique lineups on the court. A point guard could find himself with four players all 6-foot-8 and taller if the Kings go with a big lineup.

One thing you can expect is to see the starting small forward, Rudy Gay, play power forward as the Kings look to find ways to play faster this season.

Gay played power forward for Team USA while DeMarcus Cousins played center. The experience should benefit the Kings as they experiment with lineups throughout training camp.

If the Kings are looking to maximize their shooting and talent, it probably means Gay will play a lot more power forward.

Gay and Cousins operated well with that setup for Team USA.

Gay said the Kings’ style of play shouldn’t be altered too much when he’s at power forward.

“Not much, not much,” Gay said. “I think me playing the four makes other teams change, it shouldn’t change us much. It should make them change how they guard us and also open up the floor.”

Gay (6-8, 240) is big enough to handle defensive assignments against some power forwards and will give his opponents problems as long as he’s active and aggressive on offense.

Kings coach Michael Malone was clear last Friday during the Kings’ media day that Gay is the starting small forward amid questions if Gay could end up starting at power forward.

Malone has been intrigued with using Gay at power forward more, but never to the point he’s considered going small ball full time. At least he hasn’t said he would at this point.

Malone, however will want more lineups with his five best players regardless of position. That’s a matter of figuring out who plays best with Gay and Cousins.

And if that means playing Gay at power forward to make that happen, Malone will do that.

Gay isn’t opposed to playing power forward either. He said even though he lost weight he feels stronger heading into this season.

And if the Kings keep true to their plan to play fast, the Kings would have an advantage with Gay running the lanes.

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