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Too many Kings’ turnovers worries Michael Malone

Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore (23) loses the ball against Maccabi Haifa of Israel during a pre season game on Saturday, October, 18, 2014 in Sacramento.
Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore (23) loses the ball against Maccabi Haifa of Israel during a pre season game on Saturday, October, 18, 2014 in Sacramento.

It’s easy to see why Kings coach Michael Malone isn’t happy.

The Kings are averaging 21.3 turnovers in six preseason games, including 24 in Monday’s loss at San Antonio. DeMarcus Cousins is averaging a team-high 6.2.

Malone talked about his concerns after Wednesday’s practice that included making the team run for every five turnovers committed.

Practice ran longer than usual, as you might expect from a team having so many problems with turnovers.

Cousins has 19 turnovers in the last two games. Monday against San Antonio Cousins had 10, five coming on offensive fouls.

It’s a reason why the Kings are treating Friday’s preseason game like it’s a real game. They’ve been too sloppy lately to rest up before next week’s season opener against Golden State.

▪ The NBA released it’s annual poll of NBA general managers Wednesday and it was hard to find the Kings.

It should be noted executives could not vote for their own players or personnel and with that in mind Cousins did not receive one vote for best center in the NBA.

I’m sure that will have him ticked off at the other 29 teams this season. Not that Cousins needs any more reasons to want to play well, but it was a bit surprising he didn’t get a vote but New Orleans’ Anthony Davis did. Davis also received votes as the best power forward.

The King that appeared more than once was Reggie Evans. He was voted third (7.1 percent of votes) as the best offensive rebounder and fourth with 7.4 percent for toughest player in the league. Chris Jent also received a vote for best assistant coach in the league.

▪ The players had a mandatory meeting so media time was short. The one player made available was Ben McLemore, who recently fired his agent, Rodney Blackstock, calling it a “man” decision.

▪ In more NBA news owners voted down changes to the draft lottery system.

The current system has hurt the worst teams, like the Kings in 2009, when they had the worst record in the NBA but ended up with the fourth selection.

Tyreke Evans won Rookie of the Year but All-Stars Blake Griffin and James Harden were selected before Evans.

The current system essentially rewards teams for tanking the season and is why the Philadelphia 76ers will continue to be horrible this season, stockpiling losses for another top draft pick.

Under the current system the team with the worst record has a 25 percent chance of picking first and can pick no worse than fourth. The new system would have made it where the worst team could pick as low as seventh.

How to fix the system remains a problem with owners not wanting to create a bigger gap between big markets and small markets.

But watching a team like the Sixers give away players and fill its roster with D-League players is a problem, too. The fans know they are being given a subpar product on purpose.

Owners want time to see what the consequences of changing the system would be on the league.

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