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Michael Malone says he has to be ‘better’ after win over Pacers

This game should not have come to this.

Overtime? Another big lead nearly wasted?

That was the case in Friday’s 102-101 overtime win over the Indiana Pacers at Sleep Train Arena.

The Kings led by 17 points in the second half and by 13 with 9:59 left in regulation. But the offense that built that lead disappeared in a flurry of dribbles and isolation basketball.

It’s exactly how the Kings do not want to play.

Carl Landry’s putback in overtime saved the Kings the embarrassment of another big lead blown in a loss.

“I told the guys that I have do a much better job,” Malone said. “.... there was way too much overdribblign. There was too much standing around watchign Darren (Collison) and watching Rudy (Gay). We’ll take the win, but we have to be much better. More importantly, I have to be much better.”

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