While Antonio Brown is ‘gathering information,’ Raiders struggle on offense

The Raiders continue to worry about things they can control, and it was clear Tuesday they have no control over Antonio Brown.

Brown wasn't at practice, and any rehabilitation on his blistered feet is being done out of sight. Brown, whose Instagram photo (since deleted) is the only clue as to why he's not practicing, has been quiet on social media.

After the Raiders had a less than crisp day offensively, coach Jon Gruden had little to say about Brown and when he might return.

"I have nothing new on that, no, I have no new news," Gruden said.

Asked if he could say whether Brown was on the premises or attending meetings, Gruden said. "No, I can't. No, he's gathering information and I'll bring you up to speed when I know something. But I'm not going to sit here and speculate any more."

Pressed as to whether he expects to see Brown before the regular season opener, Gruden said, "I'm not going to answer any more questions. I have no information so until I hear I'm going to continue to get ready for the scrimmage tomorrow."

As unlikely as it seems that the Raiders head coach would be in the dark about such a key player, keep in mind that while Brown will run Gruden's offense, he's pretty much a one-man band when it comes to everything else.

Brown handles his own media via social media. During his minimal practice time he was shadowed by a trainer who was not employed by the Raiders. He travels with his own dietician so food is made to his exact specifications. Brown has long pushed the envelope in terms of training methods, and it's conceivable the problems with his feet came from a training or fitness strategy gone awry.

The Raiders knew all this when they signed Brown, and in fact were impressed with the dedication of someone who employed a handful of people to help keep him at the top of his game.

Gruden was fine with talking about medical issues of other players such as Darren Waller (shoulder) and Jalen Richard (groin), but he had nothing to say about Brown.

And there's every chance Gruden doesn't say anything because he doesn't know.

And speculation with Brown is difficult. He could appear at practice Wednesday and suddenly be his old self. Or he could miss more time.

Gruden sounded as interested as everyone else to know what's next.