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Report: 49ers to meet with ESPN’s Riddick about GM job

Jed York apologizes for needing to make a coaching change

The 49ers CEO spoke Monday, one day after announcing general manager Trent Baalke and coach Chip Kelly had been fired.
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The 49ers CEO spoke Monday, one day after announcing general manager Trent Baalke and coach Chip Kelly had been fired.

The 49ers will interview Louis Riddick, an ESPN analyst and a former personnel chief, for their general manager opening, the television network announced Tuesday.

Riddick, 47, got his NFL start with the 49ers when they drafted him as a safety out of Pittsburgh in 1991. He spent seven seasons with four different teams, ending his career with the Raiders in 1998.

He became an NFL scout in 2001 with Washington and eventually moved to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008. He was Philadelphia's director of pro personnel from 2010-13 at which point he joined ESPN.

Riddick's interview reportedly will take place next week in New York.

Earlier this week Riddick said on ESPN that the 49ers head-coach opening was appealing because there also was a need for a general manager and that the team was starting from scratch.

“They’re really gonna let you build it, and put in the foundation, and then let everything build and rise from there,” Riddick said. “Which to me, even though it’s a daunting task given the fact that personnel-wise this roster has been depleted, I like the situation that is coming to bear in San Francisco.”

As a member of the media, Riddick has been prolific on Twitter, last month praising Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who notably is a candidate to be San Francisco’s next head coach.

“Josh McDaniels gets it,” Riddick wrote. “Guy knows how to scheme around own weakness and attack vulnerabilities in opponent as well as anyone.”

Riddick also has offered a number of opinions on quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who enjoyed something of renaissance this season but whose future with the 49ers is cloudy.

“Look, he’s not one of those quarterbacks who was ever being thought of around the league as being a franchise quarterback anyway that can carry a football team,” Riddick said during a round-table chat on ESPN after Kaepernick went on injured reserve last season.

“So when you take away some of his protectors, his weapons, his defense isn’t as good, you’re changing the coaching staff -- that’s going to really kind of slow down the growth of a guy like this who needs everything to be in place in order for him to ascend where you want him to ascend,” Riddick continued.

“And I think people really need to get this kind of straight, too, and really come to this realization: Colin’s never going to be what everyone hopes he can be just because he’s a great athlete. Every quarterback, look, a lot of it is up here (points to head). Colin may not ever be that kind of passer who can really dice you up from the pocket, on third down, which we’ve talked about ad nauseam with him. He may not be that guy. But you’re right. It’s not all his fault. A lot of things have crumbled around him.”

The 49ers plan to interview Packers personnel executives Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst Thursday in Green Bay. They have requested to speak with New England's Nick Caserio, a meeting that could take place Saturday after they talk to McDaniels about their head-coach opening. Two Seahawks executives, Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer, are expected to visit with the team next week.

As far as their coaching search, they are expected to meet with Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, someone the 49ers have been interested in hiring since the 2015 offseason. Because Miami has a playoff game Sunday, the earliest they could meet with Joseph is Monday.

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