San Francisco 49ers

49ers awarded extra fourth-round pick, have 10 picks total

SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers will have 10 picks in the upcoming draft, including an extra fourth-round pick that was awarded Friday.

That compensatory pick, the 37th overall selection in the fourth round, was awarded as compensation for losing guard Alex Boone, who signed a four-year, $26.8 million deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

Compensatory picks are awarded if a team loses more -- or more valuable -- free agents than they sign. The only two NFL free agents signed by San Francisco last year were guard Zane Beadles and quarterback Thad Lewis.

Seattle was awarded two, third-round compensatory picks. Denver has four: one in the third, one in the fifth and two in the seventh rounds. Kansas City also has four: one in the third, one in the fifth and two in the sixth. The Cleveland Browns, with whom the 49ers may be competing for quarterbacks, both in the draft and perhaps in a trade, were awarded compensatory picks in the third, fourth and fifth rounds.

Beginning last year, teams are able to trade their compensatory picks.

49ers’ draft picks

Rd. 1: No. 2 overall

Rd. 2: No. 34 overall

Rd. 3: No. 66 overall

Rd. 4: No. 109 overall

Rd. 4: No. 143 overall (compensatory pick)

Rd. 5: No. 146 overall

Rd. 5: No. 161 (pick acquired Washington in 2015 trade for TE Derek Carrier)

Rd. 6: No. 186 overall

Rd. 6: No. 202 overall (pick from Denver in 2015 trade for TE Vernon Davis)

Rd. 7: No. 219 overall (pick from Cleveland in 2015 trade for P Andy Lee)

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