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49ers Q&A: Is NaVorro Bowman being ushered to the door?

NaVorro Bowman celebrates during the 2013 NFC Championship game
NaVorro Bowman celebrates during the 2013 NFC Championship game The Bee

ANSW: NaVorro Bowman is scheduled to have a team-high $12 million salary-cap figure, according to The 49ers used a first-round pick on someone, Reuben Foster, whose ideal position, Mike linebacker, is the same spot Bowman plays. And now Bowman is being put in a three-man rotation of sorts with two back-up-caliber linebackers because the 49ers are worried he can't handle a full-game's workload. And that's not to mention Michael Lombardi's spring report that the 49ers tried to trade Bowman, which the team vigorously refuted but which Lombardi has insisted is true. Of course, a lot can change between now and next season, including an injury to Foster (not all that farfetched) and a change at defensive coordinator (it's possible, depending on the next 12 games; Remember, Vic Fangio's contract is up in 2018). As it stands now, however, all signs are pointing toward Bowman being elsewhere in 2018.

Eddie Villegas‏ @EVillegas1583 Is it possible we see a trade with one of the veterans of the team just as New Orleans did with AP..? If so who do you see traded? Bo?

ANSW: It would be difficult to trade someone with his contract. Having said that, there are several teams in need of inside linebackers.

Sufran Stevens‏ @emejuan In your opinion, how should J Lynch adress the CB situation? What would you do? Does R Robinson have a ceiling or has he peaked?

ANSW: This defense puts a lot of responsibility on its cornerbacks. This isn't something any self-respecting 49ers fan wants to hear, but watching the defense this year gives one newfound respect for how good Richard Sherman is. It's clear the 49ers don't have anyone close to Sherman's level at this point. They seem poised to give Ahkello Witherspoon a chance to win a spot over the next few weeks. And we'll have to wait and see how he, Rashard Robinson and Dontae Johnson progress over the next 2 1/2 months. But if the 49ers stick with the same system next year, it seems as if they need to upgrade at this critical spot.

Warren Ness‏ @WarrenNess Q: What's your take on the locker room? Bow is a pro but a couple angry vets could be dicey for a rookie coach IMO.

ANSW: I think Shanahan, Lynch are eager for younger guys -- DeForest Buckner, Solomon Thomas, Reuben Foster -- to begin making the locker room their domain.

Matt Kolsky‏Verified account @thekolsky My mailbag q: what time is dinner? It's just I've got another thing later that night so if we could schedule for 6p or something it would re

ANSW: Knowing Maiocco, he'll want to catch the early bird. So say … 4:30 p.m.?

Avocado‏ @TacoBellionaire Agree or disagree: Hyde, Reid, and Bowman are probably gone next year

ANSW: Somewhat disagree. The 49ers have high-quality youngsters in waiting -- Foster and safety Jaquiski Tartt -- at two of those spots. But Hyde plays a position where there's not a lot of depth and where Shanahan likes to use multiple runners. Maybe he gets a big contract elsewhere in March. Maybe he wants nothing more than to be a classic, featured running back. But he's such a good fit here that the 49ers should make an effort to re-sign him.

Connor Van Ligten‏ @Connor_VL What's Tartt's role in the defense going to be once Reid comes back from injury?

ANSW: TBD. I know the coaches and front office *really* like Tartt. And, remember, this season is all about giving younger players the seasoning that will pay dividends in future years. However, benching Reid could be messy on a number of different fronts (For one, he was playing well before he got hurt). I think the 49ers will stick to the plan with which they entered the season -- one in which Tartt gets on the field as a third safety at the expense of an inside linebacker. Which inside linebacker? I think you know the answer.

Drain the Swamp ‏ @stevegess Will the crybabies stand if they are told to?

ANSW: I will answer in a way you can understand: У нас есть свобода выражения в этой стране.

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